A broad range of Industrial Consumables are available through the company`s ‘Retail Outlets’. We also entertain Bulk Project Requirements, Long-Term Price agreements and Consignment Stocks.

We are specialized in supplies of workshop equipment packages and has reputation of timely deliveries and professional services. These workshop equipment packages including:


Pipe Cutting & Bevelling Machines (Hot/Cold)
Pipe Alignment & Performing Clamps
External / Internal Line Up Clamps
Bending Sets/ Pipe Facing Machines
Pipe Cradles
Pipe Rigging Rollers
Pipe Stands & Vises
Pipe Rotary & Hinged Cutters
Cable Reel Rollers
Pipe Threading M/C

Electrical Apparatus

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Precision Tools ,Pneumatic Tools, Measuring Tools
Strapping Tools & Clamping Systems

Electrical Bulk Accessories

Shoes ,Helmets, Safety Jackets
Coveralls & Gloves - Industrial, Welding, Construction, Chemicals
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - Goggles, Safety
Masks, Face Shield, Ear Defender, Ear Plugs, Safety Harness, Belts
Road Safety - Track Cones, Flash lights, Barriers, Safety Net, Road Fencing, Reflective Jackets, Sign Boards
Ladders & Scaffold Systems


Cleaners/ Degreasers
Aviation Cleaners, Electrical Contact Cleaners, Machine Parts, Cleaners, Solvent & Water Based Degreasers, Hand Cleaner
HiTemp/ Extreme Pressure Grease, Paste, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils
NDT Chemicals and Equipments
Consumables & Accessories for Dye Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Testing, Power Pack Equipments
Anti-Corrosion- Long term & Short term, Anti-Friction,Galvanic Coating
Adhesives & Sealants
Thread Lockers, Thread Sealants, Silicon Sealants –Industrial & Aviation
Specialty Chemicals
Silicon Oils, Silicon Compounds, Welding Sprays, Metal
Cutting Fluids, Process Fluids


Welding Machines
Welding Electrodes & Wires
MS/Low Hydrogen/ LAHT/SS/Cast Iron Flux Core Wire, Solid CO2 Wire, SAW Wire & Flux, TIG Wire
Welding Accessories
Welding Ovens, Welding Holders, Earth Clamps, Cables & Cable Lugs
Welding Safety
Welding Glass White / Black, Face Shields, Welding Helmet, Gloves & Goggles, Leather Aprons, Hand Sleeves, Leg Guards,Thermal & Fire Blankets
Abrasives- Cutting & Grinding Disc
Pipe Alignment, Beveling and Cutting Machines


Gradual increase in the market share. Concept of a "One Stop" company for a total

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